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Streak is an ambitious young seagull, eager to make his way in the world beyond his nursery home. Since learning to fly, Streak has admired the adult seagulls across the bay. His goal is to become a member of their colony. As he grows, he ensures hes the fastest and highest-flying gull in the nursery flock. When he believes hes ready, he happily leaves his parents, teachers, and the other young gulls and flies to the island across the bay. Unfortunately, the adult seagulls there dont greet him warmly. Even though their leader, Onnorsos, is kinder to him, hes not welcome to join their colony. Fortunately for the disappointed young gull, a Cormorant named Dastfee, a friend of Onnorsos, invites him to live on the outskirts of her colony. Streak accepts the invitation, but still hopes to become a member of the gull colony hes admired. Not long after Streak settles in, Dastfee learns of a plot to overthrow Onnorsos. Dastfee asks Streak to help protect Onnorsos by using his ability to fly higher and faster than all of the other gulls. She entrusts Streak with a mission to determine what the plot involves, so Onnorsos can be warned of the threat. Streak is happy to help. He hopes it will prove his loyalty to the leader and finally enable him to reach his goal of becoming a member of the Onnorsos colony.
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