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At long last, Arsène Lupin's greatest epic battle is presented in English in a single omnibus volume. Countess Cagliostro (1924) marks the first great adventure of a 20-year-old Lupin, pitting him against the beautiful but deadly Countess Cagliostro, in an attempt to find the treasure of the Candlestick with Seven Branches. It is presented here for the first time in a new, unabridged translation. The 1935 novel Countess Cagliostro's Revenge, never before translated, tells of the lethal Countess's revenge upon a 50-year-old Lupin.The book also includes The Queen's Necklace, a short story recounting an adventure of Lupin when he was a child which ties in with the Cagliostro legend, the all-new The Death of Countess Cagliostro, written by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, and a timeline.
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