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As Tatiana Dobrova stands with the smoking group outside the university in Moscow on this snowy January 25 of 1990, she's shocked when the popular and charismatic Oleg Isaev invites her to his party. It marks the beginning of their turbulent love story. Studious and shy, Tatiana is dazzled by Oleg's talents and drive. The breakdown of the Soviet Union and economic turmoil presents ambitious Oleg with exciting opportunities. He becomes part of a new industry: advertising. His success in business and wealth grow rapidly, and Tatiana must adapt to the new lifestyle. But Tatiana wonders if Oleg is playing with danger. Can anyone trust him? Amid all the glamour and temptation, does love stand a chance, and can Tatiana remain true to herself and find her own strength? Praise for Tatiana's Day "Oleg and Tatiana's love story is set against the dramatic changes taking place in Russia at the end of the twentieth century. Written with charm and brio, Katia Perova is a fresh, new voice to watch out for." -Jill Dawson, Author, Fred & Edie
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