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Autism Therapeutic & Academic Children's Program was originally created, written, and used for her own son who was diagnosed with highly moderate to severe autism at the tender age of two and remained nonverbal until the age of six. Her autism children's program was the initial building block that began her son's advanced receptive and expressive language skills for effective communication as a nonverbal child and offered simple solutions to his many therapeutic and academic needs. This autism program focuses on developing, building, and strengthening necessary skills to attain proper child development both therapeutically and academically for autistic children. Angela created a "hands-on experience" supplies kit with over fifty different therapeutic and educational items that correlate directly with the 150-plus skills taught throughout the entire autism program for proven successful learning, progression, and mastery! Therapeutic and academic skills development will increase from a wide variety of opportunities for reinforcement to secure learning and advancement emotionally, socially, physically, therapeutically, and academically. The therapeutic content of the autism program focuses on phonics and language-vocabulary building, basic reading skills, beginner handwriting and tracing skills, sensory integration, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, play skills, art skills, music skills, social skills, and self-care development skills. The academic c...
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