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Faith wasn’t designed to stand alone. For faith to work at its optimum level, it must have support. Building upon 2 Peter 1:5–7, the reader will discover seven components necessary to living a full, enriched, and productive Christian life in Christ, as He intended. Once received and committed to, this one-of-a-kind faith will radically change your life, propelling you forward into an adventurous journey that cannot be matched or replicated. If you passionately desire the unique faith found only in Jesus Christ by way of His cross, this book is designed for you! God’s plan is for you to develop and grow in the God-kind of faith. Come enjoy fullness in Christ through a Faith Plus life. “[Michael Diotte] has captured the heartbeat of God in writing this book. We love how [he] writes, simple yet so full. It is solid food for being nourished and to continually grow in God. A great book to read over and over again to keep us in line with our Father’s Heart.” —Paul & Debra Mcculloch, Vice Presidents, Victory churches international; Sr. Ministers, Barrie Victory centre “Faith Plus has deeply touched my heart and brought refreshing to my soul. Well researched and prepared, the principles of Faith Plus, when applied, will cause great personal growth in our lives. Highly recommended.It is worth reading again and again.” —Andrea C. Paterson, Th.D., Operation: Reach the Mature About the Author: Michael Diotte is a senior pastor and clinical counsellor. Michael hosts his own local tele...
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