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LET THE MUSIC PLAY! Harnessing the Power of Music for History and Social StudiesClassrooms provides readers an accessible introduction to employing music in history andsocial studies classrooms. Teachers who wish to develop lessons using music as a resource willfind coverage of the significant relationship between music and social studies, pedagogicalmodels designed to facilitate using music within history and social studies lessons, and coverageof salient historical themes in which music has been integral.The book begins by establishing the connection between music and social studies themes. Here readers will explore the ways musicianshave attempted to address social, political or historical events and issues through song. Through relevant research and exclusiveinterviews done for this book, the thoughts of prominent musicians noted for songs promoting social consciousness and selfawareness-including Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins and Aaron Bedard-are shared. The views of teachers and students in terms of theconnections between music and the social studies as well as their inclinations to using music in social studies classrooms are alsoprominently addressed. Additionally, the book furnishes readers with a practical guide to using music in the social studies classroom.Through explanation of four models for using music in the classroom, readers gain relevant ideas useful for a wide variety ofinstructional methodologies. And finally, the authors delve into three of the most enduri...

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