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No More Hunger, written by William Dudley Pelley in the throes of the Great Depression of the 1930s and revised in 1961, presents an examination of the economic and financial flaws of private capitalism. It then outlines the features of a Christian Commonwealth that would unleash the full productive capability of the nation, with full implementation of human rights for every solitary citizen. During its republication in the sixties, thousands of copies were printed. They were read by those who were protesting the economic and financial inequities of our society, and by those who opposed the nation's untenable and brutal embroilment in the Vietnam War. Mr. Pelley passed on in 1965; nearly half a century has passed since his death. The ideas he put forth, however, are more vital and timely than ever. Peace with economic justice and stability in the nation cannot be realized without an honest and an analytical focus on the flaws of private capitalism and the abuses of the unconstitutional private banking system. No More Hunger offers a guide to addressing the major obstacle to harmony today: the futile attempt to solve the serious problems of the society while at the same time retaining the very economic structural ills that are responsible for the problems in the first place.
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