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A volume in Educational Leadership for Social JusticeSeries Editors: Jeffrey S. Brooks, Monash University,Denise E. Armstrong, Brock University; Ira Bogotch, Florida Atlantic University;Sandra Harris, Lamar University; Whitney H. Sherman, Virginia Commonwealth University;George Theoharis, Syracuse UniversityWhile critical race theory is a framework employed by activists and scholars within and outside the confines of education, there are limitedresources for leadership practitioners that provide insight into critical race theory and the possibilities of implementing a critical racepraxis approach to leadership. With a continued top‐down approach to educational policy and practice, it is imperative that highereducation leaders understand how critical race theory and praxis can assist them in utilizing their agency and roles as leaders to identifyand challenge institutional and systemic racism and other forms/manifestations of oppression (Stovall, 2004). In the tradition of criticalrace theory, we are charged with the task of operationalizing theory into practice in the struggle for, and commitment to, social justice.Though higher education leaders and leadership programs are often absent in this process, given their influence and power, highereducation leaders need to be engaged in this endeavor.The objective of this edited volume is to draw upon critical race counter‐stories and praxis for the purpose of providing higher educationleaders‐in‐training and practicing higher educ...
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